Improved accessibility to Bio Science Park Leiden

July 22, 2014

Heijmans has received a mandate from the municipal authority of Leiden to proceed with the reconstruction of the access road to the Bio Science Park Leiden.This urban reconstruction includes the design and realization of a split-level junction, widening of part of the city’s ring road, and two underpasses for cyclists.The contract is valued at over € 25 million.

Various infrastructure and civil engineering disciplines are working together on this comprehensive contract, which has been awarded based on the MEAT (Most Economically Advantageous Tender) criterion. The dialogue phase preceding this award, in which the client and the contractor gave shape to the design in open collaboration, was unique for the municipal infrastructure. Image quality and urban integration are important aspects in this respect. Heijmans scored with a well-thought-out traffic engineering design, which centres around a logical route for road users and ensures the efficient and safe passage of all traffic. The realization of a split-level junction and two underpasses for cyclists is an important contribution to the design. Moreover, the good visibility of the traffic flows allows space for greenery. This is the first comprehensive contract in which Heijmans, in addition to the overall coordination, will be responsible for the entire cable and pipe installations, which is normally the task of the network manager who engages a private contractor. This lends an extra dimension to this comprehensive contract and Heijmans will thus have greater control of the implementation process.

With the reconstruction, the municipality of Leiden aims to improve the accessibility of the city, the Bio Science Park, and the connection with the A44. The works will commence at the beginning of 2015 and completion is anticipated autumn 2016.