Permission ACM for joint venture asphalt plants Heijmans and BAM

Intended establishment joint asphalt company an important step closer

13 February 2020, 17:49

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has granted permission to the merger of asphalt plants from Heijmans and BAM into a new asphalt company. The granting of permission by the competition authority has brought the intended establishment of a joint asphalt company an important step closer. Heijmans and BAM will detail their plans for the new asphalt company in the coming period.


Before permission was granted, the ACM conducted a further investigation into the asphalt activities in the Helmond and Stein regions (in the southern provinces North-Brabant and Limburg, respectively). The ACM has concluded that sufficient competition remains in both regions.

Joining forces

At this moment, Heijmans and BAM each operate a number of asphalt plants. The joint company will combine knowledge, expertise and investments in innovation. This enables increasing sustainability of the asphalt chain and improved efficiency.

In addition to the companies’ own clients, the new asphalt company will also serve third parties in the asphalt market. The indicative annual revenue of the new asphalt company will amount to approximately €90 million.

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