New resin lining modernises water pipes within 24 hours

December 9, 2014

Today, a section of the existing water pipe network will be redeveloped from the inside out with an innovative lining method for the first time in the Netherlands. The fact that the existing pipes do not have to be dug up means that inconvenience caused by redevelopment is minimized for people, traffic and the environment. This technology is the result of three years of intensive collaboration between WML, Heijmans, Insituform, Koninklijke DSM and Waverail. The underground redevelopment will start in the Hoogveld district in Sittard over a distance of 500 metres. The new method simplifies the redevelopment of many post-war drinking water pipes in our country.

The lining method consists of a combination of high quality materials, including a special synthetic resin developed especially for drinking water pipes. The lining is rolled out in an existing water pipe with a pressure vessel. After insertion, the lining is filled with hot water. The increase in temperature hardens the material and within 24 hours a complete water pipe is created that meets the stringent hygienic and functional demands of the drinking water sector. This method makes redevelopment three times faster than with existing methods.

Redevelopment peak

Many kilometres of drinking water pipes that were laid in our country in the nineteen fifties and sixties are nearing the end of their technical life. This produces a significant redevelopment task. WML actively sought innovative redevelopment methods that are fast and sustainable, cause the least possible inconvenience and simultaneously continue to guarantee the reliability and affordability of drinking water for consumers. The redevelopment of the section of water pipes in the district of Hoogveld in Sittard is expected to be completed at the end of December.

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