Heijmans working on infrastructure in Eindhoven Northwest

11 October 2019, 07:31

Heijmans will be constructing Phase 2 of the road infrastructure for Eindhoven Northwest. The municipality of Eindhoven has awarded Heijmans a contract valued at over €21 million for this purpose.

Eindhoven Northwest is an area development project of the municipality of Eindhoven primarily focused on the high-tech industry. The area is located to the east of Eindhoven Airport on both sides of the A2 motorway.

To provide access to the Eindhoven Northwest area and to improve accessibility to the city, different industrial parks and Eindhoven Airport, the infrastructure is being expanded and adjusted. The project among other things includes the construction of the overall road infrastructure, including the construction of three road bridges and two bicycle bridges.

Heijmans was originally involved in the project’s design phase for the road infrastructure for Eindhoven Northwest. This phase was completed in September. In January 2020, Phase 2 will actually commence. Construction will be phased and is expected to be complete by the end of 2021.