Heijmans wins tender in Leidsche Rijn Centrum district

24 May 2017, 07:21

Heijmans will be developing and constructing 125 homes for the municipality of Utrecht next to the central shopping area in the Leidsche Rijn Centrum district. The total project is valued at over € 40 million. 

The contract was awarded to Heijmans on the basis of the plan's high-quality and sustainability. This involves urban homes and apartments in a semi-enclosed building block. Construction will commence in mid-2018, following the development phase, with completion planned approximately two years after that.

Leidsche Rijn Centrum Heijmans visual 2 nieuws .jpg

The Leidsche Rijn Centrum district is undergoing significant development as a residential area. The development plan will contribute to this through the quality of the homes and the urban style. Furthermore, the project is highly sustainable (due to a combination of measures, including PV cells on the roof and the façade) and has an Energy Performance Coefficient of -0.3. The project is being developed for a broad target group; ranging from young families, seniors and young urban professionals.

Height differential

The homes will be built next to the – currently under construction – core shopping area in the Leidsche Rijn Centrum district. A key characteristic is the height differential of the area. The design makes optimal use of this, whereby the green public city garden connects with the private gardens within the project and vice versa. The urban plan was developed by Jo Coenen Architects & Urbanists.