Heijmans wins government contract for large-scale maintenance on A79 motorway

23 June 2020, 07:22

The Dutch Ministry of Public Works and Waterways has awarded Heijmans the contract for the execution of large-scale maintenance and adaptations to the A79 motorway between Maastricht and Heerlen. The work will start in November 2020 and will be completed in December 2021. The project in the southern part of province of Limburg represents a value of around € 24 million.

The large-scale maintenance work includes replacing the top layer with noise-reducing asphalt (ZOAB) and adjusting guide rails, drainage and verges. Additional work will be carried out as part of the so-called Safer 2 (Meer Veilig 2) programme. In the interests of road safety, the carriageways will be widened and a number of entrances and exits will be extended. The basic premise is that the A79 will remain a motorway with a maximum speed of 100 km/hour.

Bart Smolders, director Heijmans Infra: “As a specialist in this field, we are experts in every facet of maintenance down to the finest detail. We are pleased to have won this contract, to be given the opportunity to realise a safe connection between east and west in the province of Limburg. We will once again make the A79 future-proof in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. This road, which is particularly important for tourism and for the region, will soon be safer, better and more sustainable.”

About the A79 motorway

The A79 is a special motorway in in terms of landscaping. The road connects the A2 at Maastricht with the A76 in Heerlen; it is 17 kilometres long and traverses a hilly area along the edge of the Geul valley. The road includes one of the few valley bridges in the Netherlands. The A79 primarily serves typical villages and small towns in the area and provides access to a large part of the Heuvelland region. The road was built as a dual carriageway between 1967 and 1975. In 1984, the provincial authorities transferred the road to the national authorities, and a year later it was given the status of a motorway.