Heijmans wins ‘Best Client 2013’ Dutch Design Award

October 21, 2013

The Dutch Design Awards selection committee declared Heijmans ‘Best Client 2013’ on Saturday 19 October. The award was presented in the context of the new National Military Museum in Soesterberg, where Heijmans succeeded in laying the foundation for a high-quality project in the area of design and technology by bringing the right partners together. Heijmans is proud of this special award, which rewards responsible contracting and gives priority to the value and durability of the relationship between designer and the business community. 


Martin Schellekens (left) and Ton Fleuren of Heijmans

The selection committee motivated the presentation of the award to Heijmans as follows:

“Heijmans shows a clear vision of the future and involves experts from different (design) disciplines at an early stage in the innovation and development process of projects. Especially in the construction sector this innovative approach deserves more attention.”

Heijmans is building the skyline of tomorrow. As such we design the spatial environment for the future. Design is at the core of what we do and bring about. Not as a specific designer, but as an organization that realizes plans, brings various parties together and contributes perspective. Heijmans chooses projects for designers that are able to translate the specified requirements into a sustainable and high-quality design. Generally these are architects, landscape architects and urban planners, and increasingly interior architects and designers. The result is a number of trendsetting projects, such as the National Military Museum, in which many design disciplines are working together. Furthermore, collaboration among partners from different worlds produces innovative insights and trendsetting concepts. Heijmans has already demonstrated this in the past with the Smart Highway, an innovative concept for the smart roads and highways of tomorrow, resulting from its collaboration with designer Daan Roosegaarde.