Heijmans will renew A1 Apeldoorn-Zuid – Beekbergen

April 6, 2016

Heijmans under contract to the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) will renew the road section between the A1 Apeldoorn-Zuid and the Beekbergen intersection. The design and construct contract comprises the construction of a new viaduct at the Beekbergen intersection, as well as the widening of the A1 motorway between Apeldoorn-Zuid and the intersection. The contract is valued at almost €20 million.

The project was tendered on the basis of Best Value Procurement (BVP). The basic principle underlying BVP is to maximise value for the available budget for the customer. The fact that Heijmans is free to determine how to implement the project enables Rijkswaterstaat to make optimal use of Heijmans’s expertise. While Heijmans did not submit the lowest tender sum, it scored highest in terms of the Economically Most Advantageous Tender (EMAT) criteria.

Knooppunt Beekbergen.png

Heijmans will construct a new viaduct across the A50 motorway to the north of the Beekbergen intersection for through traffic coming from Deventer travelling in the direction Arnhem. In addition, the A1 motorway, in both directions, will be widened with additional lanes for merging and exiting traffic between the Apeldoorn-Zuid exit and the intersection. The renovation of the motorway is designed to improve traffic circulation and traffic safety along this section, as well as the region’s accessibility, over the short term. Heijmans has initiated preliminary preparations and is expected to complete the project at the beginning of 2018.