Heijmans will be performing major maintenance on Liander’s power stations

14 August 2019, 07:31

Heijmans will be maintaining and modernizing over 1,350 medium-voltage stations, primarily in the Province of Noord-Holland, for grid operator Liander. A 10-year contract valued at over € 61 million was concluded for this purpose. As a result of this contract, Heijmans continues to be a key partner for Liander in the energy transition.


Grid manager Liander faces a major challenge – to facilitate the energy transition in its service area, while at the same time maintaining the high availability of the energy supply. The transition from fossil to sustainable energy imposes high demands on the energy grid. As such, a shift is expected to take place to an increase in decentralized power generation (for example, through windmills and solar panels) and an increase in the consumption of electricity as an alternative to natural gas as a result of which the demand for natural gas will decrease in the future. Because of this, power grids will have to be modified in a number of areas in order to keep available capacity up to par.


Over the coming ten years, Heijmans will be responsible for the maintenance and modernization of over 1,350 medium-voltage stations in the western part of Liander’s service area (Province of Noord-Holland and northern part of the Province of Zuid-Holland). Heijmans will assume responsibility for the design, implementation and commissioning of these stations and will carry out its responsibility entirely independently.


The renewed stations will comply with the latest requirements and insights. In part, this means that the installations must be smart and intelligent, which, for example, means that it must be possible to remedy malfunctions remotely and that it must be possible to dynamically balance the power grid on the basis of need.