Heijmans to start construction of 259 new homes Pijnacker

June 4, 2014

Heijmans will start construction of 259 new homes in the Keijzershof district in Pijnacker. Heijmans and investor Bouwinvest have signed a contract for the purchase of 135 of these homes. Bouwinvest will purchase 78 apartments in the MarQuant+ tower and 57 land-based homes in the Boszoom subplan. The total contract value is approximately € 23 million.

The contract enables Heijmans to start construction of the tower and the square with 96 apartments by mid-2014. The land-based homes are Heijmans Huismerk concept homes and will be handed over at the beginning of 2015. Sales to private buyers have already started.

MarQuant Virtual Tour


Keijzershof is a new housing development on the south side of Pijnacker, which is to accommodate a total of approximately 2,300 new homes. It has been under development since 2007 and offers space to residents who want to be close to the amenities of cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague, but who are looking for a more tranquil and spacious living environment. In addition to homes, the district also has schools and a sports club. In 2013 Heijmans completed the Keijzersveste district shopping centre, including 136 homes and apartments. The development of the Keijzershof underscores Heijmans’s strength as an area developer.