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Heijmans receives interim arbitral decision in Wintrack proceedings

5 May 2021, 07:30

On Tuesday 4 May, Heijmans received an interim arbitral decision in the Wintrack proceedings.

The arbitrators have ruled that TenneT’s out-of-court dissolution of the Wintrack agreements with the Heijmans Infra B.V. and Europoles GmbH & Co KG consortium was lawful. Heijmans is deeply disappointed. Heijmans will use the coming period to study the arbitral decision more closely and consider any subsequent steps, which include the possibility of an appeal.

As noted in section 6.29 of its 2020 financial statements, Heijmans did not recognise a provision for claims submitted by TenneT, because on the basis of detailed analysis and supported by external legal advice, Heijmans believed it was unlikely that the claims would be awarded and would lead to an outflow of resources. Heijmans has recognised all costs incurred for this project to date.

The amount of the final compensation will be determined in the follow-up to the proceedings and cannot be quantified at this moment. We expect to provide further information on this subject at the presentation of our interim results.

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