Heijmans to realize 1st phase Laurentius Hospital

December 23, 2013

Heijmans was granted provisional contract award for the modernization of the Laurentius Hospital in Roermond. The project involves the partial renovation of the old building (2,400 m2) and new development (9,100 m2), which incorporates an inviting central entrance hall, as well as a new ‘hot floor’ that consolidates vital medical functions with complex installation engineering facilities. The total contract is valued at almost € 25 million.

The modernization is needed to upgrade the medical facilities after the completion of the new hot floor. This floor will accommodate various facilities, such as operating rooms and intensive care. The hospital will furthermore be more sustainable due to the solar panels that will be incorporated into the entrance hall and the ‘green roof’. With its new compact hospital, the Laurentius Hospital Foundation hopes to be able to work more efficiently and offer patients a pleasant environment that promotes recovery.

The Laurentius Hospital is awarding the contract to Heijmans partly on the basis of the quality of the vision and on the phasing plan. The renovation and new development constitute an innovative project that combines constructional and installation engineering expertise. Heijmans is working on hospitals in various areas in the Netherlands, including the Meander Medical Centre in Amersfoort, Nij Smellinghe in Drachten and Tjongerschans in Heerenveen.

Work in Roermond will commence in 2014, with completion scheduled for 2017. The hospital will continue to be functional during the work.