Heijmans products available in Australia and New Zealand

Heijmans signs agreement with New Zealand road builder Fulton Hogan during Dutch economic mission

November 3, 2016

Heijmans will be providing the New Zealand road building company Fulton Hogan with products that are suitable for the infrastructure sector in Australia and New Zealand. Both companies have signed a collaboration agreement that enables them to apply each other’s products and to share knowledge in the countries in which they operate.This means that Heijmans will allow Fulton Hogan to propose its innovative products, and that in turn it can apply the company’s products in its infrastructure activities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With this strategic alliance, both parties want to make products and knowledge available for other countries in an efficient way.The collaboration agreement was signed in Sydney today as part of the economic mission. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima, who are on a state visit to Australia, were among the persons present.


‘We are very happy with this agreement. It allows us to also offer our products in other countries and consequently contribute to improving and renovating infrastructure there as well. The collaboration agreement enables us to identify the need for various products and knowledge in the countries in which we both operate. We can then elaborate on these needs with the objective of ultimately ending up with a licensing agreement for each product, so that products can actually be sold and realized,’ says Heijmans’ Joziene van de Linde, responsible for marketing Heijmans’ knowledge and products internationally. ‘We are not establishing a company, but are offering our products via a party that is at home in these countries. Because products such as Bikescout, Brainjoint, Recoflex and Fairytrail that are already well known here can also be used in Australia and New Zealand.

‘At Fulton Hogan, we strive for a balance between R&D innovation, and collaborating with those who have products and technologies that would benefit Australia and New Zealand’, says Nick Miller, Managing Director Fulton Hogan. ‘Our strategic alliance with Heijmans means we can help each other market products, and adapt them for use in the countries in which we operate. The agreement could see us making complete end products or semi-finished products, sharing IP for asphalt mixes or production techniques, as well as providing our people in a consultancy capacity on specific projects’.


The collaboration agreement provides for various ways in which Heijmans and Fulton Hogan can help each other in marketing products and making them suitable for a relevant country. Depending on the product and the situation, this concerns complete end products, semi-finished products, recipes for asphalt mixes or production techniques. The elaboration of the various scenarios and making the products suitable for use in specific countries will occur on a cost recovery basis. Next, on the basis of the elaboration of each product the intent is to negotiate a licensing agreement that sets out specific agreements concerning selling prices. Furthermore, there is the possibility of hiring mutual consultants or to make use of design, maintenance or materials knowledge.