Heijmans preferred candidate for Main Contract Schiphol runway sites

Heijmans has been selected as the preferred candidate for the Runway Sites Parcel of Schiphol's Main Contracts 2019 tender. The contract focuses on maintenance, as well as on the development of existing infrastructure and facilities associated with the runway sites. The initial term of the contract is three years, with an option to extend the contract for two terms of three years.The indicative annual revenue associated with this parcel is 47 million euros.

10 September 2018, 07:25

Previously the preferred candidate for this parcel could not be announced due to an ongoing appeal procedure filed by another party. This procedure has since been completed. The parcel includes all infrastructure and facilities on and surrounding the runways, including taxiways, service roads, signs and lighting. The infrastructure operations of Heijmans have been active in this area under contract to Schiphol since 2011. Heijmans had already been selected as the preferred candidate for the Terminal 1 & 2 Parcel, including the associated piers. As such, Heijmans is now entering the tender's final phase with two parcels. The proposed plans will be worked out in further detail over the coming months and will then be reviewed with Schiphol. If Schiphol considers the final plans suitable, the contracts are expected to be signed by the end of 2018, with the contract implementation start-up date planned for April 2019.

On successful completion of both processes, Heijmans’ overall role at Schiphol will increase. The volume of Heijmans’ infrastructure activities at Schiphol, which will be slightly lower with the new contract than under the current contract, will be more than offset by the new contract related to the building & technology activities.

Main Contracts 2019

Schiphol initiated a European tender under the name 'Main Contracts 2019’ for the purpose of selecting permanent partners for the six parcels for the construction, renovation and maintenance of the infrastructure. The strategic partnerships are negotiated for a maximum of nine years.

Schiphol's ambition to be Europe's Preferred Airport was decisive in the evaluation of the submitted tenders. This is why the emphasis in the tender was on cost optimisation, improving business operations, increasing sustainability and applying digital and other innovations. The construction firms are remunerated on a performance-oriented basis. Their performance ultimately also determines the final remuneration of each firm and their share in the realisation of the project portfolio.