Heijmans partner in area development Hart van Zuid Rotterdam

18 February 2016, 19:50

Heijmans and Ballast Nedam will become partners in the Hart van Zuid Rotterdam district area development. The Rotterdam Municipal Council has approved the financial assessment, which means Heijmans can join the consortium. Under the commissioning of the local authorities of Rotterdam, the three partners will work on the renewal and reinforcement of the area surrounding the Zuidplein shopping centre and Ahoy convention centre.

Among other things, Heijmans's and Ballast Nedam’s job consists of property development, non-residential building and maintenance until 2043, with a value of approximately 200 million euros. The financial close is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2016.

During the multi-year urban development, the Ahoy convention centre will be significantly expanded to include an international conference centre, a music hall, a cinema and a hotel. The Gooilandsingel road will become the connecting, restricted traffic link for the Hart van Zuid area. An art building with a library and theatre will be constructed on the new Plein op Zuid square. In addition, the Zuidplein shopping centre will be renovated and expanded, and will become more accessible by providing a better connection with the Gooilandsingel. The new Charlois fifty-metre swimming pool will be incorporated into the current sub-municipality city hall. Furthermore, the area will acquire much better and much more user-friendly connections. This includes the renewal of the metro and bus public transportation hub.

Hart van Zuid Rotterdam impressie Heijmans Ballast Nedam (1).jpg

The decision shows that the Rotterdam Council considers the municipal project estimate sufficiently reliable to commence the construction phase. The expanded consortium base guarantees continuity, substantive reinforcement of the project team and a more balanced risk distribution in the order book of the involved parties. The schedule calls for initial work to commence in the second quarter of 2016.