Heijmans involved in PPP-project Beatrix Lock and widening of Lek Canal

17 November 2015, 07:15

Heijmans is to be involved in the consortium formed by the BESIX Group, RebelValley and TDPartners that has been provisionally designated by the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) as the selected bidder for the third chamber of the Beatrix Lock and the widening of the Lek Canal PPP Project. Following the contract closing of the public-private partnership, Heijmans will be given a one third share in the combination responsible for the construction (EPC) and will participate in the special purpose company (SPC) to be created for this purpose. In addition, Heijmans will be involved in the long-term maintenance.The financial close is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2016.

Third sluice chamber and widening of the Lek Canal

Rijkswaterstaat wants to improve passage through the Lek Canal near Nieuwegein and reduce waiting times at the Beatrix Lock for inland waterway vessels. The project includes the construction of a third sluice chamber, the widening of the Lek Canal and the construction of lock approaches and berths in the canal. The Lek Canal, which incorporates the Princess Beatrix Lock, connects the Amsterdam Rhine Canal with the Lek River, and is an important waterway between the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


PPP with 27-year maintenance period

The project will be executed as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with a DBFM contract, whereby the design, new construction, financing and maintenance will be in the hands of a private party for an extended period of time.

Work is expected to commence in September 2016. The third chamber of the Beatrix Lock and the widened Lek Canal are to be completed in 2019, after which the 27-year maintenance period will go into effect.