Heijmans granted provisional contract award by Schiphol for doubling the Taxiway Quebec system

6 November 2019, 07:30

Schiphol has granted Heijmans provisional contract award for doubling the Taxiway Quebec system. This concerns a Design & Construct contract valued at almost € 50 million.

The Taxiway Quebec system is located to the south of Schiphol’s centre area between the Kaagbaan and Zwanenburgbaan runways. On this section, taxiing aircraft still have to make do with a single-lane taxiway. With the additional lane, Schiphol aims to increase safety levels, reduce waiting times for taxiing aircraft and simplify the situation for Air Traffic Control.


To double the taxiway system, Heijmans will be constructing a new viaduct. The viaduct will be 250 metres long and 60 metres wide and bridges the A4 motorway. Final project contract award is expected by the end of November.