Heijmans enters into strategic partnership with Schiphol

 The contract start date is April 2019.

29 January 2019, 18:03

Heijmans, under contract to Schiphol, will be maintaining, constructing and renovating the existing infrastructure for the Runway Sites and the Terminal 1& 2 parcels for a period of a maximum of nine years. The company had earlier been designated as the preferred candidate for these parcels. Following the detailed specification of the tender plans, the final contracts, with an indicative annual turnover of €84 million, were signed today. The contract start date is April 2019.

Heijmans Infra signed the contract for the Runway Sites parcel. This parcel includes all infrastructure and provisions on and surrounding the runways, including taxiways, service roads, signage and lighting. The indicative annual turnover associated with this parcel is €47 million.

Heijmans Utiliteit signed the contract for the Terminal 1 & 2 parcel. This division is responsible for all of the preventive, corrective and replacement maintenance, as well as minor renovations relating to structural components, technical systems and transport-related facilities (lifts, moving walkways and escalators). The indicative annual turnover associated with this parcel is €37 million.

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The initial term of the performance-based maintenance component of both contracts is three years, with an option to extend twice by three years each time. In addition, the majority of all construction projects initiated within the awarded parcels will be realized in cooperation with Heijmans.

Heijmans is committed to complying with the objectives relating to sustainability, optimal asset return, excellent organization, innovation and digitization. This way it contributes to Schiphol's ambition of being European's preferred airport.

Main Contracts 2019

Schiphol, under the name 'Main Contracts 2019', initiated a European tender for the purpose of selecting a permanent partner for the six parcels for the construction, renovation and maintenance of its terminals and infrastructure. Schiphol subdivided the contracts into six parcels and for each parcel selected the party making the best contribution to Schiphol's ambitions.