Heijmans to develop centre of Oud-Loosdrecht

3 May 2016, 07:10

Heijmans is going to develop and build the new village centre of Oud-Loosdrecht, named ‘Het Loosdrechts Terras’.

The development proposal selected by the municipality of Wijdemeren for the construction of the new centre, with space for approximately 2,000 m2 of catering facilities and shops, and around 40 homes are expected to be ready in 2018. The project’s value for Heijmans is approximately € 20 million.


With this partnership, the municipality, together with Heijmans, wants to create a more lively village centre, where there is also enough to do outside of the water sport season. The municipality used the Best Value Procurement (BVP) methodology to award the contract. Selection on the basis of quality is the underlying principle of this methodology. Heijmans stood out because it proposed a transparent partnership in which the successful creation of a new centre is first and foremost. Heijmans will realize the new centre with the solid contribution of subcontractors, local residents and buyers. Heijmans regularly applies this approach with success, for example for the Wiener & Co project in Amsterdam. Heijmans will start up the participation as soon as the contract is signed.