Heijmans creates consortium for homes in Zuidpolder Eemnes

August 23, 2013

Heijmans’ subsidiary Vos & Teeuwissen has created a consortium with the municipality of Eemnes and the construction firms Van Wijnen en Van der Wardt for the purpose of developing and realising the Zuidpolder project in Eemnes. A total of approximately 500 homes will be built in the Zuidpolder planning area.

Heijmans has already started work on developing the first 60 homes. All lands will be transferred to the consortium and will be developed under the joint responsibility of the market parties. This agreement is a follow up to the general agreement, communicated at the end of last year.

Heijmans expects to build approximately 245 homes over the full term of this development project. The sale of the first 60 homes is expected to commence this year.