Heijmans contracted to redevelop Laan op Zuid

The contract value is around € 40 million

15 May 2018, 17:45

Heijmans has been contracted by the Central Government Real Estate Agency to redevelop the current tax offices at Laan op Zuid 45 in Rotterdam, to become a central government office building (Rijkskantoor). The Heijmans contract covers the design, realisation and maintenance of the new premises. The contract value is around € 40 million.

After the redesign, Laan op Zuid 45 must comply with new guidelines for the central government’s office accommodations. Among other things this means the building must be suitable for accommodating several organisations, and that it must be possible to work flexibly.

It will be the first central government office in the Netherlands where, in addition to an office and general area, there will be a reception area with a central government counter.

The Tax Administration, Customs, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, the Education Executive Agency, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service and the Council for Child Protection will be housed in the offices. The building’s gross floor area, including the basement car park, is around 54,000 m2.

Laan op Zuid Rotterdam 3.jpg

Work will begin in June 2018 and will be carried out in four phases, so that the majority of the building will remain in use. Heijmans is also responsible for maintaining the building from the start of the redevelopment until mid-2020. The one-and-a-half year maintenance contract begins following delivery. The contract can be extended three times, for one-year periods.

Heijmans is working on the project with architecture firm OTH.