Heijmans to construct two new-build projects on Oostenburg Island in Amsterdam

16 July 2018, 07:29

Heijmans will be transforming the former industrial park on the Oostenburg Island in Amsterdam on two adjacent plots: a residential complex with homes for private sale and social rental housing for the housing association Stadgenoot, and a new hotel for Inntel Hotels. The estimated value of these contracts is approximately € 35 million.

Rental Housing for Stadgenoot

For the housing association Stadgenoot, Heijmans will construct a total of 54 apartments for private sale and 97 studios for council housing, as well as 500 m2 of office space. Several apartments on the ground floor are suitable for disabled persons. Residents of the apartments and studios can make use of various communal facilities, including a joint enclosed garden and a roof terrace.

Three young architect firms are involved in the design: Bureau Fraai and Laura Alvarez Architecture from Amsterdam, and Architectuur Maken from Rotterdam. Construction work is expected to commence at the end of this year with completion planned for mid-2020. This contract is valued at approximately € 17 million.

AI Inntel Hotels Oostenburgereiland_2.jpg

The new Inntel Hotel

New Inntel Hotel

Heijmans, as part of a construction team, will be constructing a luxurious four-star hotel along the VOC quay on Oostenburg Island for the Inntel Hotels hotel chain. The building will have 17 floors and will have space for 306 rooms. The low-rise portion of the building will have a restaurant, meeting rooms, wellness facilities and a terrace facing the quay. Construction will commence immediately after the summer holiday period and is expected to be complete by mid-2020. The contract for this segment is valued at approximately € 18 million.