Heijmans to construct railway underpass at the Contactweg road in Amsterdam

21 January 2020, 07:30

Heijmans under contract to ProRail will be constructing the new underpass at the Contactweg road for the municipality of Amsterdam. The Design & Build contract is valued at approximately €20 million.

The new underpass at the Contactweg road will improve accessibility to the port area and to Amsterdam West for road as well as rail traffic. The municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Port Authority and the Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority together with ProRail and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works have developed a structural solution to the existing bottleneck at the Kabelweg road level crossing and the addition of a new passenger trainyard at the Westhaven [West Port] as part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme.


The underpass to be constructed by Heijmans will be connected to the underlying road and cycling network, so that the existing level crossing at the Kabelweg road can be closed. This makes it possible to construct a third track to the freight trainyard and to construct the still to be realized passenger trainyard.

Tunnel Alliance

The Contactweg road underpass is the seventh project Heijmans will be carrying out in the context of the Tunnel Alliance framework contract. Heijmans together with three other construction companies and railway operator ProRail are participants in this alliance.