Heijmans to construct Parallel Structure A12

February 4, 2014

Heijmans will be constructing the Parallel Structure for the A12 motorway near Gouda under contract to the Province of Zuid-Holland. The project consists of two components. The first component is the Extra Gouwe Crossing parallel to the A12 between the Gouda and Gouda-West off-ramps. The other component is the Moordrechtboog which will connect the A12 and A20 motorways. In addition to design and construction, the contract also includes management and maintenance over a period of 10 years and is valued at over € 65 million.

The contract comprises the construction of 2 x 2 lanes along the entire route, including traffic control systems, bridge and shipping installations, lighting, nature provisions, soundproofing measures and eight civil works, including an underpass below the A12. A special component is the crossing of the Gouwe River at the north side of the Gouwe aqueduct. Heijmans will be constructing a bridge of approximately 500 metres immediately adjacent to this aqueduct with a moveable segment of approximately 25 metres. All Heijmans Roads and Civil Engineering disciplines are involved in this integral contract.

Optimization of the overall life cycle

The contract was awarded on the basis of an Economically Most Advantageous Tender (EMAT). Risk Management, a multi-year maintenance approach and safeguarding spatial quality are key areas of attention for the Province of Zuid-Holland. Heijmans will apply its Life Cycle Management (HLM) approach to this project. This approach aims to create value throughout the entire life cycle, as a result of which the effects of the design and construction choices on the structure’s management and maintenance are specifically taken into consideration. Furthermore, the 3D Building Information Model (BIM) and the LEAN building methodology are applied. This results in an overall approach aimed at achieving an efficient building process and at reducing construction time.

Work planning will commence immediately, while on-site work will start sometime this summer. Delivery is planned for 2016. The A12 Parallel Structure will provide a key impulse to the accessibility of and traffic circulation in Gouda and environs and consequently to the development of local activity.