Heijmans to construct 350 apartments in Rotterdam Katendrecht district

8 July 2016, 07:43

Heijmans and IC Netherlands have signed an agreement for the development and construction of approximately 350 rental apartments in the Municipality of Rotterdam. Two residential towers will be constructed along the Bananenstraat in the Katendrecht district, under contract to IC Netherlands. The project is expected to be completed in October 2019.

The apartment complex will be given a sturdy and robust appearance that matches the other buildings in the Katendrecht district. The apartments are specifically intended to encourage highly educated individuals just starting a new job to stay in the city for a longer period of time and to anticipate the increase of this target group on the housing market this way. Common functions, such as a cooking studio and flexible working spaces offer residents additional comfort and reinforce social bonds. The buildings will also have facilities such as a restaurant, a dry cleaner, a bicycle shed and a parking facility.

The project fits into the Municipality of Rotterdam’s zoning plan. Heijmans expects to be able to start construction in the course of 2017.

Katendrecht Area Development

Katendrecht has been undergoing a true metamorphosis since 2000. The large-scale redevelopment of the port area into a residential and working area focuses on attracting residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. Heijmans previously redeveloped the Parkkwartier and the Laakkwartier in cooperation with the Municipality of Rotterdam and Woonstad Rotterdam. Heijmans is currently constructing 78 rental and 134 owner-occupied apartments in the Fenixloodsen in Katendrecht. The long-term, intensive involvement of Heijmans in the transformation of Katendrecht emphasizes the company’s strength as an inner city area developer.