Heijmans to build new sewage treatment plant in Utrecht

19 April 2016, 16:40

Heijmans and GMB, under contract to De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Authority, will build a new sewage treatment plant in Utrecht. The project comprises the design, construction and 10-year maintenance of the plant. The DBM-contract (design, build, maintenance) is valued at over € 120 million.

Proven technology

Heijmans has a two-thirds share in the combination and GMB one-third. The combination was awarded the contract on the basis of its choice for a compact plant that makes use of proven Nereda® technology to purify the polluted water. In 2013, Heijmans also applied this technology for a project for this Water Authority.

The Water Authority is contracting for the construction of the new sewage treatment plant due to the more stringent quality criteria that the purified water will have to meet in the future and because the current plant is obsolete.


The existing situation with the vacant lot where the new new sewage treatment plant will be built.

Heijmans and GMB will start working on the preliminary preparations this year and will commence construction of the new plant in 2017. Project completion is scheduled for the beginning of 2019, after which the 10-year maintenance period will commence. The new sewage treatment plant will remove twice as much nitrogen and phosphate from the water, and is 30 per cent more energy efficient compared to the current plant. The existing plant will be removed from service once the new plant has been commissioned.