Heijmans awarded provisional contract for N280 Roermond

The Province of Limburg has provisionally awarded the N280 Roermond contract to Heijmans. The contract includes the construction of an underpass, a parallel structure and two intersections at different levels. The Looskade will also be raised and renovated. The contract (engineering and construction) is valued at 37 million euros.

9 April 2018, 07:22

The N280 is the most important east-west connection in Central Limburg. Traffic on this road has increased in Roermond in recent years. For this reason, the Province of Limburg and the Municipality of Roermond want to improve the throughput and traffic flow to and from the city and create a better connection between the municipalities of Roermond and Leudal. The links between the N280 and the A2, the A73 and the B52 to Germany must also be improved. The renovation of this road will lead to better traffic flow, accessibility and safety.