Heijmans to assist grid manager Liander with energy transition in Amsterdam

Heijmans key partner in the capital's energy transition

5 June 2019, 07:28

Heijmans will be performing work on the energy grid in the Amsterdam-Centrum and Noord districts, under contract to grid manager Liander. This makes Heijmans a key partner for Liander in the capital's energy transition.

Grid manager Liander faces a major challenge – to facilitate the capital's energy transition, while at the same time keeping the energy supply at a high level. The transition from fossil to sustainable energy imposes high demands on the energy grid. Electricity consumption is expected to increase, while the demand for natural gas is expected to decrease, in the future. As a result, energy grids will have to be modified in a number of areas in order to keep available capacity up to par.


Over the coming four years, Heijmans will be responsible for engineering and performing work on the main grid and the gas and electricity house connections in the Amsterdam-Noord and Amsterdam-Centrum districts. The contract value totals € 60 million with an option to extend the contract twice for a period of two years.

Heijmans Liander energienetwerken Amsterdam 2.jpg

Great deal of experience

In recent years, Heijmans performed all of the required (maintenance) work on the Amsterdam energy grid for Liander. During this time, Heijmans gained a great deal of experience planning arrangements for work on house connections, for example, for which access to the metering cabinet is crucial. Several neighbours often need to be home at the same time for this purpose. Heijmans has since developed a methodology that enables it to organize and perform the work properly the first time around in most of the cases.

For work on the main grid in Amsterdam, Heijmans works together with Van Baarsen Buisleidingen BV, which specializes in installing underground pipes and pipelines. They have a great deal of experience in this area in a dynamic environment, such as the Amsterdam-Centrum district.