Restructuring agreement for The Hague Southwest

A boost for three neighbourhoods as part of the initiative to restructure The Hague Southwest

18 December 2018, 07:24

Heijmans and housing association Staedion have signed an agreement to develop an urban planning vision for The Hague Southwest together with the municipality of The Hague, to restructure and renovate the neighbourhoods Zichten, Dreven and De Gaarden. Earlier this year, the municipality of The Hague and Staedion announced their intention to give these three neighbourhoods a boost as part of the initiative to restructure The Hague Southwest.

The partnership in part means that Heijmans will contribute its knowledge and expertise relating to area and project development in support of the planned renovation of these neighbourhoods.

Ondertekening Staedion Heijmans Den Haag Zuidwest.jpg

Diverse and Future-Proof

The parties want to invest in these neighbourhoods to make them more diverse, climate and future-proof, and improve connections with the city. The renewal of these neighbourhoods will also give considerable attention to social cohesion. Over the coming 10 years the housing supply will be significantly expanded, whereby the current number of approximately 1,200 social rental homes will remain the same and at least 3,000 owner-occupied and private-sector rental homes will be added. In addition to improving the housing supply, the plans also focus on redesigning the public space and expanding educational and other social, cultural and commercial facilities.

Focus on liveability and a healthy living environment

With its projects, Heijmans contributes to creating green, healthy and liveable districts and neighbourhoods. The partnership with Staedion to restructure the neighbourhoods in The Hague Southwest is in line with these goals. Heijmans was previously involved in the transformation of city centre areas, such as Kooiplein Leiden and Katendrecht Rotterdam. Together, Staedion and Heijmans are already working the same way on the transformation of the Energy Quarter in The Hague.

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