€200 million contract for the N23 provincial road

June 6, 2014

Heijmans is to upgrade the N23/Westfrisiaweg provincial road under contract to the Province of North Holland. The contract will be signed later today. The 42-km route runs from the N242 provincial road near Heerhugowaard to Enkhuizen. The route connects to the A7 motorway at two points near Hoorn. These A7 slip roads will be modified to improve traffic circulation. It is a Best Value Procurement-based (BVP-based) integrated contract valued at approximately € 200 million.

This final contract award follows the earlier announced intention to start up the pre-award phase. During this phase, Heijmans, as the preferred contractor, further substantiated its bid and plans. Following the completion of this work, the province decided to grant Heijmans the final project contract.

All Heijmans Roads and Heijmans Civil Engineering disciplines will be working together on upgrading the N23/Westfrisiaweg. The project comprises the reconstruction and partial widening of the roadway, the replacement of the intersections with under/overpasses and roundabouts, a number of civil works, bicycle underpasses, pedestrian bridges, parallel roads for slow traffic and measures designed to reduce noise pollution.

Efficient and environment-conscious
Heijmans acquired the contract as part of a Best Value Procurement (BVP) process in which risk management, environment management and limiting inconvenience were key criteria. Heijmans' smart phasing and scheduling, and the interesting opportunities it presented, were convincing factors. Road users can count on proper traffic circulation during the work planning and construction period, while people living, working and participating in recreation in the area will experience limited inconvenience during the implementation phase. An integral approach for an efficient, safe and environment-conscious construction process is created on the basis of a sound opportunities/risk file and the application of the Building Information Model (BIM) methodology.

The work planning activities are already underway. The final design with financial substantiation is expected to be ready in April 2015. The final contract value will be determined at that time. The actual construction phase will start in mid-2015. Traffic will be able to make full use of the upgraded N23/Westfrisiaweg by the end of 2017.

Improved traffic circulation, quality of life and traffic safety
The upgraded N23/Westfrisiaweg improves traffic circulation, traffic safety and the quality of life in the region and promotes its economic structure and employment opportunities. The connection will be freer from obstacles for through-traffic of cars, provide additional safe crossings for cyclists and pedestrians and keep cut-through traffic out of villages. The N23/Westfrisiaweg forms an essential part of the alternative East-West connection from Alkmaar to Zwolle: the N23.