Heijmans and Philips selected for Eindhoven Urban Lighting Roadmap 2030 Project

22 October 2015, 19:50

The municipality of Eindhoven has selected Heijmans and Philips to jointly detail the Eindhoven Urban Lighting Roadmap 2030 Project. The contract concerns the development of innovative lighting applications in public spaces, as well as the maintenance and management of public lighting in this municipality. The term of the project is at least five years, with an option to extend it by 10 years after the expiry of this term. The contract’s initial value is several million euros, with a potential of several tens of million euros.

Added value

The municipality selected Heijmans and Philips on the basis of a Best Value Procurement (BVP). The basic underlying principle is to maximise value for the customer’s available budget. In this respect Heijmans and Philips stood out in terms of the criteria sustainability, innovation, cooperation with citizens, business community, government organisations and knowledge institutions, and their approach to replacing existing lighting in public spaces by LED-light.


The municipality wants to deploy lighting in public spaces in innovative ways on the basis of this project, so that it contributes to the city’s quality of life. During the tendering and selection process, Heijmans and Philips were ranked best in terms of demonstrating how they want to lay out the city as a testing ground for the development of smart lighting applications in public spaces, as well as how they intend to approach the maintenance and management of lighting in public spaces.

Over the coming weeks, both parties, in close cooperation with the municipality, will enter the pre-award phase during which the project proposal will be worked out in further detail. The municipality is expected to grant final project award by mid-December. The project is due to start on 1 January 2016.