Heijmans 25 years on stock exchange

September 17, 2018

On 17 September 2018, it is 25 years ago that Heijmans was listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange. On the occasion of this milestone, Ton Hillen, Heijmans’ CEO, today sounded the gong to officially open share trading on the Euronext Amsterdam.

Heijmans' IPO at the time was initiated by Lambert Heijmans, CEO at that time, his brother and member of the Executive Board, Jan Heijmans, and CFO Joop Janssen. As such, the family business founded in 1923 by name giver Jan Heijmans became a listed company (‘NV’). The objective of the IPO was to attract capital to enable further growth and acquisitions consistent with this growth ambition.

Heijmans beursgang 1993_2- tombstone.jpg

On 17 September 1993, 375,000 new shares were offered at 40 guilders per share, which all together generated 15 million guilders. In addition, a number of the over seventy private shareholders – predominantly members of the Heijmans family – offered almost 450,000 shares for sale. The opening price of the Heijmans shares on 17 September 1993 was 40 guilders and 40 cents.