Glowing Lines pilot goes ahead

April 28, 2014

On 10 April the first Glowing Lines ‘venture project’ pilot was presented on the N329 near Oss, and was greeted with huge enthusiasm. This latest technology represents a first-time innovation in road marking.

The lining works on the basis of light-emitting pigments which absorb UV light during the day and release it at night. The lining can receive a tiny amount of power, for example from a solar panel, which maintains the intensity and lighting duration of the lines irrespective of the weather and season, or of the quantity of (sun)light and the length of the associated day or night.

Following extensive tests in the lab and on Heijmans’ external testing area, version 1.0 has now been applied to the N329. The object of the trial is to test Glowing Lines in ‘real life’ situations, so that further evolution of the lining to a version 2.0 can be enabled and accelerated. Glowing Lines is a venture project in which research is being conducted into the road of the future.

As expected the ‘real life’ trial enables us to learn from the environment and users, like humidity and user experience. We will use these insights to introduce an update to the Glowing Lines 2.0 version. In the meantime we have temporarily faded out the lining to prevent any confusing situations for road users. As planned we are working on developing Glowing Lines version 2.0, which will be ready this year. It will then be introduced on a larger scale in the Netherlands and abroad.