First two Heijmans ONE homes in Amsterdam

December 4, 2014

After her housewarming party, trial resident Carmen Felix took up residence in her Heijmans ONE home on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam. Carmen will test and assess the Heijmans ONE, together with Heijmans staff, for a period of three months. There are two trial houses on Zeeburgereiland. Heijmans ONE is a removable rental home for young single households. On the basis of Carmen's findings, the Heijman's team will further develop the concept for the market.

Carmen fits in perfectly with the target group envisaged for the Heijmans ONE. "28 years old, a full-time job, everything in my life is pretty well in order, but it is difficult to find a suitable home. At the moment I still live with a friend in the house I stayed in as a student. The Heijmans ONE dovetails perfectly with that problem", she explains. Carmen Felix was the best candidate out of more than 230 applications for the vacancy of first trial resident of Heijmans ONE.

Party and dialogue

Together with Carmen, Spatial Planning councillor Eric van der Burg of the municipality of Amsterdam, had the honour of marking the start of the residential trial of Heijmans ONE on Zeeburgereiland. Afterwards, Carmen gave the Councillor a guided tour of her own brand new temporary accommodation. The housewarming party, accompanied by live music, fire baskets and mulled wine, was marked by young single starters in the residential market. They were given the opportunity to discuss their needs of proper housing in the town with the Councillor.

Heijmans ONE

Heijmans ONE reacts to the shortage of good affordable rental housing for young, town starters. These, often college graduates, threaten to fall between two stools in the housing market. According to the CBS (Government Statistical Service), this target group will number some 700,000 people in 2050. Moreover, Heijmans ONE offers a proper solution for empty sites in towns thanks to its moveability. As soon as permanent new construction projects have been started, the ONEs can be transported and moved to another location within one day. The houses have been devised and developed by Heijmans. The design is by Moodworks Architecture.


With the placement of the first two Heijmans ONE homes on the Zeeburger island, the municipality of Amsterdam sends out a positive signal on the possibilities of this residential concept for the market. The location on Zeeburgereiland has been appointed to Heijmans by the municipality for a period of at least three months, with an option for prolongation. After Carmen's trial results, Heijmans will start marketing the first Heijmans ONE houses in The Netherlands in 2015.

Heijmans ONE
Heijmans ONE
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