Dura Vermeer and Heijmans in building consortium for European Medicines Agency new-build project

Dura Vermeer is involving Heijmans in realizing the European Medicines Agency (EMA) new-build project on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Together, both parties form a building consortium, with Dura Vermeer remaining the contract party for its client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf.

8 March 2018, 15:52

Dura Vermeer has today signed the contract for the EMA building with State Secretary Knops (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) and announced the partnership with Heijmans. The total contract value is €255 million.

Heijmans is part of the building consortium and, as an integral partner, will be jointly responsible for the structural and technical installations of the office building. Heijmans and Dura Vermeer are each responsible for 50 percent during the Design & Build period. Furthermore, Heijmans will play an explicit role during the 20-year Maintain phase. In addition to Heijmans, Dura Vermeer is working together with a team of consultants consisting of MVSA Architects, Fokkema & Partners Architects, OKRA landscape architects, Van Rossum, DWA and DGMR. SDR Elektrotechniek and Van Dorp Installations form part of the team for the installation work.

Amsterdam business park EMA

At the end of March 2019, the EMA will leave London as a result of the planned departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Amsterdam has been chosen as the new business park. The new building should accommodate around 900 employees from approximately 30 countries. In addition to workplaces, the building will house meeting rooms and congress facilities, and will have a gross floor area of 39,000 m2.

About EMA

The EMA is responsible for the quality and safety of new medicines (for humans and animals) that are allowed on the European market.