30 Heijmans ONE homes for Wonen Limburg

October 9, 2015

Heijmans will be supplying 30 Heijmans ONE homes to Wonen Limburg. Wonen Limburg, a housing association in the Province of Limburg, and Heijmans have signed a declaration of intent for this purpose. Wonen Limburg considers the Heijmans ONE homes an opportunity to offset the shortage of good affordable housing in the region. The first homes are expected to be installed in the municipality of Weert in the first quarter of 2016. The Heijmans ONE prototype can be viewed in front of the Wonen Limburg’s offices until 14 October.


The declaration of intent is expected to be transformed into a purchase agreement in November. By using the expertise of both parties, the 30 homes are currently being built and will be divided across three trial sites in the municipality of Weert. By way of experiment, Wonen Limburg wants to deploy the transportable homes to offset the peak in the urgent need for homes. This in particular includes starters, and one and two-person households in the subsidised rental sector. In view of the expected population decline in the region, Heijmans ONE, due to its portability and temporariness, provides a suitable solution for this.

About Heijmans ONE

Heijmans ONE responds to the changing housing market. As such, the portable home is an interesting option for the growing number of one-person households and the increasing need for flexible living arrangements. Furthermore, the installation of multiple Heijmans ONE homes offers an opportunity to regions where, due to market developments, construction has not (yet) begun by temporarily giving them new life. Heijmans ONE has a surface area of 38 square metres and is equipped with all necessary facilities, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, its own front door and outside patio. Heijmans ONE can be moved in a single day to be rebuilt at a different location.