135 Heijmans ONE homes in the Netherlands

Heijmans and the Nijkerk Housing Association have signed a purchase agreement for the delivery of 28 Heijmans ONE homes. The homes are to be installed in the second quarter of 2018 and will be used as temporary rental homes for various target groups. 57 Heijmans ONE homes are currently in production, including the homes that are the subject of the agreement with the Nijkerk Housing Association. So far, 78 homes have been installed at various locations in the Netherlands. 

20 December 2017, 07:32

The demand for temporary housing for one-person households and the pressure on the housing market continued to increase in 2017. As a result, government organisations, housing associations, care institutions and investors have shown increased interest in the Heijmans ONE. This has resulted in orders and deliveries of 135 ONE homes since 2016.

In addition to the 28 homes to be installed in Nijkerk, Heijmans will install twenty ONE homes in Sneek next month for the Accolade Housing Association. In February 2018, six ONE homes will be installed in Zwolle for deltaWonen. In that same month, 3 homes to be used for overnight accommodation and housing for volunteer caregivers will be installed for the Cello care institution in Rosmalen. Cello is the first care institution in the Netherlands to order these relocatable homes.

135 Heijmans ONE-woningen in Nederland 4.jpg

Last month, Heijmans installed twenty ONE homes for the Wooninc Housing Association in Veldhoven. In 2016, under contract to Wonen Limburg, 52 Heijmans ONE homes were installed in Weert, Panningen and America – a town in the Netherlands. The Huis & Erf Housing Association commissioned six ONE homes in Schijndel. All homes were deployed to absorb the temporary shortage of homes within various municipalities.

The interest in relocatable homes also continues to increase among private individuals. Heijmans is studying the possibility of introducing the Heijmans ONE to the private market.

About Heijmans ONE


Heijmans ONE responds to the changing housing market. As such, the relocatable home is an interesting option for the growing number of one-person households and the increasing need for flexible living arrangements. Furthermore, the installation of multiple Heijmans ONE homes offers an opportunity for areas that are not (yet) being developed due to market conditions. These homes temporarily give such areas new life.

Heijmans ONE has a surface area of 39 square metres and is equipped with all necessary facilities, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, its own front door and outside patio. The home is very energy efficient (fully electric and, as an option, comes with 9 PV solar panels), complies with the Buildings Decree for non-permanent structures and can be relocated and reinstalled within a single day. The home was co-designed with MoodBuilders.

135 Heijmans ONE-woningen in Nederland 3.jpg

The continued interest in relocatable homes gives us the confidence to focus on the further growth of Heijmans ONE; a non-permanent home is a contemporary solution to a diverse range of housing issues.