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A selection of sensational projects
in the past six months


August 15, 2017

Touring the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park

Tom Dumoulin won’t only go down in history as the first male Dutch winner of the Giro d’Italia. The safe cycling area that Heijmans created in Sittard-Geleen now also carries his name. In June the sports hero personally opened the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park in Sportzone Limburg. On a 6 hectare piece of land, Heijmans built a 3,15 km long track, within the set planning and budget. This special cycling track consists of different types of road surfaces, height differences and technical curves. This way, cyclists can follow Tom’s footsteps by riding courses differing in technical difficulties.

039_20170601 Opening wielerbaan_6205.jpg


Safety first in The Hague’s Eurojust building

Satisfying the most stringent safety requirements and having a friendly image: Heijmans managed to combine two fundamental principles in the new Eurojust building in The Hague. Eurojust is engaged in combating serious transnational and organized crime within the EU member states. An extension to their remit and expansion in terms of staff in the Netherlands made new premises necessary. All Eurojust staff are now working under one roof in a magnificent new building in the World Forum area. The safety measures have been ingeniously integrated into undulations in the landscape. And the grounds surrounding the building are reflected in the composite façade, which contains windows fitted in a rhythmic pattern.


Transformation Sloterdijk Central Amsterdam

In May, the municipality of Amsterdam awarded Heijmans the development and constructing of 150 homes and 650 m2 of commercial space at the N Parcel in Sloterdijk Central. The project is part of the Sloterdijk Central transformation, where the municipality wants to transform the area around the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station into a mixed residential and working area. The project is valued at around € 52 million. The design breaks away from the monotonous image of the existing office buildings. Heijmans thus fulfils Amsterdam municipality’s objective well, to transform the area and connect it with existing residential areas and facilities. For instance, the commercial spaces will become a connecting meeting area for residents, visitors and entrepreneurs.

Temporary & flexible living in Limburg

Heijmans ONE America.jpg

Heijmans ONE homes are in great demand in Limburg. Commissioned by Wonen Limburg, Heijmans has installed 12 homes In the town of America. The Limburgian housing association is temporarily offering the portable homes to people in need of a short term home. This way, the current pressure on the housing market is reduced and Wonen Limburg can keep an eye on the changing demand in the future. Earlier, Heijmans already installed 30 ONE homes in Weert and 10 in Panningen for the housing association.

Kaagbaan in order

In just over 9 weeks this spring, Heijmans combined various types of maintenance work on one of the most frequently used runways at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: the Kaagbaan. Pretty much the entire runway was given new layers of asphalt, encompassing a total area of 225,000 m2. The reinforced rainwater drainage channels over which the heaviest category of aeroplanes are allowed to manoeuvre were raised and renovated over a stretch spanning six kilometres. A coarse top layer of antiskid was also applied to the runway. Furthermore, Heijmans replaced all the lighting units, comprising 1,500 lights and accompanying equipment, with an energy-efficient system.

What are we doing at Schiphol?
What are we doing at Schiphol?
What are we doing at Schiphol?

Making Ministry of Defense dormitories fireproof

The Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (Central Government Real Estate Agency) has tasked Heijmans with performing fire safety checks and modifications on 32 Ministry of Defence dormitories. These buildings are no longer compliant with current fire safety requirements. In order to ensure that the buildings can be evacuated safely within a set time, modifications will need to be carried out. The assignment is worth in excess of €8 million. The buildings’ fire safety standards are to be in order by the end of October 2018. Currently, the 32 sites are being checked thoroughly. Work pertaining to construction and equipment will commence in September.


Towards gas-free

Bouwbord Carmelflat Beek van links

Together with Van Wijnen, Heijmans has been tasked by ZOwonen with renovating 384 apartments from the Carmelflats in Beek. Dating from the 1960s, the apartments are being made energy-efficient and in due course will have to be made gas-free. The assignment is worth nearly € 25 million, half of which will go to Heijmans. The work will take in excess of two years. The properties on Kennedylaan, Eisenhowerlaan and Rooseveldtlaan are spread across eight apartment blocks and will be renovated in a phased approach. Each block will be given a new heating system and for each apartment Heijmans will install four solar panels on the roof.

Winning in Leidsche Rijn Centrum district

Heijmans is developing and constructing 125 homes for the municipality of Utrecht next to the central shopping area in the Leidsche Rijn Centrum district. The total project is valued at over € 40 million. Heijmans winning the contract was based on high-quality and sustainability.


Feeding through tunnels

Dismantle section of railway, dig hole, feed through 700,000 kg tunnel in its place, fill hole with sand and reassemble railway track, all in under 76 hours. Project Manager John Strik and his men from Heijmans Spanning and Relocation Technologies excavated a new cycle and pedestrian tunnel in Venlo between the track that connects Venlo’s Trade Port Noord and Trade Port West industrial estates. The underpass in Venlo is the first project being implemented within the compass of the TunnelAlliantie, a collaboration between ProRail and four market parties, including Heijmans. By working in accordance with standard processes and with set, reliable teams, ProRail is aiming to bolster the quality and price certainty of railway underpasses.

117 Huismerk homes in Haarlem

Housing association Elan Wonen and Heijmans signed an implementation agreement in March for the design and construction of 117 Heijmans Huismerk homes in the Boerhaavewijk district of Haarlem. The project is worth € 10.5 million. 156 dated flats are being demolished to make way for 78 council homes and 39 mid-priced owner-occupier homes. The new houses, built in a 1950s style, will each have a garden and give a boost to the area. Construction work will commence in autumn 2017, with completion expected in Q4 2018.

Zuidasdok officially awarded

The task of designing and constructing the Zuidasdok has been officially awarded to ZuidPlus, the consortium that consists of Fluor, Heijmans and HOCHTIEF. The project encompasses widening the A10 South in Amsterdam and rerouting it underground as well as the expansion and modernization of Amsterdam Zuid railway station. ZuidPlus succeeded in putting forward creative solutions to limit/minimize disruption to the surrounding area as much as possible. The tender encompasses a contractual value of 990 million euros, making it one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands at present.


Road in Nijmegen


June saw the completion of the Slotemaker de Bruïneweg project in Nijmegen. Over a period of 9 weeks, colleagues from such departments as asphalt, traffic technology and markings worked on rebuilding the through road within the municipality of Nijmegen. At present, Heijmans (including such disciplines as civil engineering, spanning and relocation technology and road specialisms) and the city council are working in construction team formation on rebuilding the Graafseweg. Heijmans also has an asphalt maintenance contract in place with Nijmegen City Council until 2019.