Cycling is becoming ever more popular, and not just with road users. Governments are keen to include the bicycle as part of their sustainable and inclusive transport policies.

But more cyclists on the roads places added strain on motorists, especially in busy urban areas. So, in this the United Nations' decade of traffic safety, Heijmans is working on solutions to make cycling safer.

The Bikescout is an intelligent warning system that constantly monitors the speed and distance of oncoming cyclists, calculating their arrival time and notifying motorists via LED indicators in the road surface.

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Bikescout constantly monitors the speed and distance of oncoming cyclists.

How the Bikescout works

Bikescout's tracking radar technology is already being used by the automobile industry to provide signals to other road users. The radar measures the changing position of individual road users and continuously analyses this data, up to 50 metres in advance. By taking into account the speed of an approaching object (cyclist or pedestrian), the Bikescout warns the motorist appropriately.


Especially in places with poor visibility of approaching cyclists, the Bikescout system increases traffic safety by giving timely warnings of cyclists crossing the road. Highly robust, dimmable LEDs, which can be fitted flush with the road surface, can provide signals in various configurations and are more effective and visually attractive than other safety measures.

Via mobile Internet and an online Web application, local traffic control can view the Bikescout's availability and the traffic flow. This makes Bikescout a valuable management tool as well as making our city streets safer.

Heijmans Bikescout
Heijmans Bikescout
Heijmans Bikescout Cross safely

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