Have you ever wondered how the tax authorities could automate printing and their famous blue envelopes? Or how KLM ensures that all passengers and their checked-in luggage arrive at the same destination, at the same time? Have you ever realized this is achieved by use of a Heijmans data center?

The harsh reality of our customers

The digitization of our society results in an increasing dependence on the availability, processing and storage of data. British Airways' direct losses due to the recent outage exceeded $ 68M, stranding 75,000 passengers. An average car manufacturer production shutdown easily costs $ 1.3M per hour.

Smart cooling solutions

Logically, digital service providers are demanding highly reliable data centers to house their servers. These servers transform electricity into valuable services, data and a lot or even excessive amounts of heat within these data centers. To reach acceptable Total Costs of Ownership, smart cooling solutions are inevitable. Just like clever approaches to realize redundancy and availability. As well as a safe, controlled and a clean environment with a perfect IT infrastructure from which they realize a continuous, preferably careless, availability and operation.

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Keeping the datacenter completely available is the primary focus, next to swiftness and security.

Security and reliability

The Heijmans data centers offer these levels of security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Our data centers in addition are realized in a short Time-to-Market frame, achieve optimal availability and have always a high quality. This rare combination makes Heijmans' data centers so special.

Heijmans’ approach

In order to guarantee time and quality, as well as to be able to continuously improve our primary processes, we already interconnect all players in the supply chain at an early stage. This enables us to optimally coordinate the essential processes. We strive for long-term cooperation with our customers, our partners and co-makers because we are convinced this benefits the primary client desires of “quicker”, “better” and “more sustainable”.


Heijmans is always searching for new partnerships. Partnerships that strengthen our primary process, possibly accelerate, make it smarter or more efficient. Holistically with our supply chain we apply the latest technical insights and the best materials. Obviously, we prevail the client requirements and demands. 

Because of our unique time and quality assurance concept, we also guide customers smoothly through the construction process, from the requirements phase to the successful testing and commissioning of the data center facility. Thanks to our transparent approach, the client has constant insight into, and understanding of the progress. Together we work together towards the desired Time-to-Market moment. In the end, agreed is agreed!

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Double Integral

Heijmans preferably works on basis of an integral design and build approach. In the design and construction of modern data centers, we combine the latest MEP technologies with architectural knowledge in order to realize an optimal facility. We never lose focus on make-ability, safety, avoiding & mitigating risks, fastest possible time-to-market, cost effectiveness and certainty, as a result of which you as client are optimally supported in the growth of your organization.