Your house is your home base. It is where you feel at ease and safe. Heijmans introduces the OnbezorgdWonen (carefree living) concept, so you can keep this feeling for the rest of your life. Thanks to good design choices and smart technology, your home will grow with you. Also, when you get a little bit older.

With OnbezorgdWonen Heijmans offers you a house with room for you and your family, and room for change. A house full of light, air and enough space to do whatever you want. Continuous flooring, wide hallways and a flexible layout. Which also allows you to increase the comfort level and make more changes at a later stage. A home in which you will be able to control the comfort level yourself. And make adjustments to your liking and needs.

Four specials

Always enough room

Investing in OnbezorgdWonen means investing in the future. Thus, all homes have a life-compatible floor plan, the bathrooms come standard with a spacious walk-in shower and the design allows for possible future expansions. You can, for example, choose to have your bed- and bathroom build upstairs, but they can also be fitted on the ground floor.


Effortlessly energy efficient

OnbezorgdWonen makes saving energy easy and straightforward. For example, the light turns on automatically when you go to the toilet. And you can turn off all the mains sockets in one go using your tablet or smartphone. A handy overview will show you how much you are saving.

Safe thanks to smart sensors

Thanks to smart sensors, your house is keeping an eye on things for you when needed. Is there someone you know at the door? Then the motion sensor will detect this and send you a message. Is there water leaking somewhere? Then you will be the first to know thanks to your smart home. Thanks to good design choices and smart technology your home will grow with you.

WIFI everywhere

Skyping on the balcony or Netflixing on the toilet? No problem with complete WIFI coverage throughout the whole house. Which comes in handy, as you also use it to control your house. This way, at the push of a button you can lower the sunscreen or switch on the mood lighting. All from your comfy chair or bed.

What does OnbezorgdWonen offer?

You can start using the OnbezorgdWonen products the moment your house is delivered. The following basic functionalities come standard:

  • All-in-1 function
  • Switchable wall socket
  • Switchable lighting
  • Connection to smoke detectors
  • You programme the switch blocks yourself
  • Energy monitoring
  • Hue-led integration
  • Touch screen comfort control
  • Personal user instruction
  • Door communication
  • Standard mounting box next to the rear facade (living room) in preparation for easy assembly electric curtains and/or blinds
  • Standard mounting box in the front door reveal in preparation for an electronic lock/door opener
  • Extensive home buyers assistance
  • WIFI coverage throughout the whole house
  • Motion sensor toilet

Expansion options

Beside the basic installation, there are various expansion options. Such as, electric blinds, automatic lighting or the use of dimmers. Another example is door communication.


  • Automatic lighting
  • Orientation lighting
  • Switchable wall socket
  • Switch for electric blinds
  • Connected lighting outdoor storage
  • Climate control
  • Lighting around stairs


  • Upgrade dimming function all lights
  • Upgrade switch material
  • Control high voltage lamp


  • Light aid master bedroom
  • Security installation
  • Security camera interior


  • Electric lock/door opener
  • Detection water leakage
  • Power supply near stairs
  • Delivery box for pharmacy or packages
  • Motion sensor installation room
  • Socket (in storage room) with timer for electric bicycle so the battery does not get overheated

Is home control new to you? Heijmans will be there to assist you during the introduction to the home control system. When you are buying your home and when it is delivered. We take all the time we need for that.